Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave is Kenneth Farrell. A videogame beat maker, Farrell started off as just a one man PlayStation karaoke act. In January 2007, Tom MacCammon, a 13-year-old tambourine playing sidekick, joined the Gravity Wave act. Matching pilot jackets intact, these two idiosyncratic characters dubbed as “The Only Boy Band That Matters”, delighted audiences with their entertaining story based electro-pop dance songs. Never delivering the same show twice, and never taking a penny for the copies of Martyr’s Brigade (2007 LP, self-release) handed out after shows, Gravity Wave evolved into something more than just a man and his ipod.

On April 1st, 2008 the story of Gravity Wave began a new chapter with the "Free Party" a music, film, theatre and dance spectacular. In the spirit of Singing in the Rain and The Lawrence Welk show, Gravity Wave’s "Free Party" celebrated innovation in music and variety in art. April 1st also saw the release of Gravity Wave’s new EP Twin Prime Conjecture, an album that saw Farrell and co-producer Finlay Braithwaite opt for fuzzed out lo-fi rock'n'roll dancers, Twin Prime Conjecture is an intricately orchestrated gem and privides a fitting soundtrack to its sister/film "Rignin' In The Songwriter".


The artist's task is to capture the world. The mark of a great artist is the ability to offer a glimpse inside their mind. Ken Farrell is such an artist. Tossing off any semblances of singer-songwriter dynamics, Gravity Wave's first label release, Gambol, channels the feeling Beck's Mellow Gold or Odelay on virgin ears. Like the title suggests, it's a playful romp, a mix of tech, funk, jazz, hip-hop, psych and pop driving Farrell's kilter delivery of oft nonsensical lyrics. Beyond novelty, Gambol rewards with each listen as you delve further into Farrell's imaginative mindscape. - Mike Landry, The Coast